Tibetan Tantra Classes



My Intention

I’ve created this course because our society does not emphasize true connections with self and others.  These individual classes are for anyone who wants to learn to begin a spiritual practice which emphasizes body awareness.  You may take as many as you wish depending upon the amount of commitment you make with moving forward with wisdom.

If you cannot visit in person, this course may be taken by phone, Skype, or Zoom.   The fee is $65 per one hour class.  I suggest that they be taken weekly.


Course Curriculum

Required book available on Amazon:  Healing with Form, Energy, and Light: The Five Elements in Tibetan Shamanism, Tantra, and Dzogchen , by Tenzin W. Rinpoche.

Further enrichment:  YouTube videos by the author of this book

Topics to be covered

  • Energetic Body
  • Meditations chart
  • Pelvic breathing (wind exercises)
  • Embodiment through sensations
  • Pelvic movements
  • Tibetan Elemental Meditations
  • Ocean breathing
  • Karma
  • The concept of space within
  • Yoga
  • Tibetan Pranayama
  • Color breathing meditation
  • Tantra terminology
  • Male sexuality and tantra
  • Female sexuality and tantra
  • Compassionate communication
  • Forming heart connections

3d illustration of endless celtic knot isolated on white background

My Qualifications

I have been practicing tantra since 2010.  I have attended numerous workshops and read many books on the subject.  I have completed coursework at the school known as Authentic Tantra and the correspondence course at The New School of Erotic Touch.  Both contributed to a well established foundation in tantra and on structuring a spiritual path so that I could create this course.  The correspondence course lined up very well with the teachings of tantra  – to come into the present moment through all forms of pleasurable sensations.  This is called embodiment.

Tantra combines spirituality with physics therefore knowledge of the Energetic Body is crucial.  I have a very good grasp on this science which continues to be ground-breaking.

I am a former teacher and workshop facilitator.   I am also a Holistic Life Coaching where I focus on sexual concerns. I am grateful for my insights on sexuality and my ability to provide clarity to others.   My current mentor is Chad Foreman a former Buddhist monk.

Most importantly is that I live a holistic lifestyle in which self care is my number one priority.  I care for all aspects of my being- mental (positive thoughts), body (exercise), emotions (communication), and spirit (gratitude & meditation) on a daily basis.  I approach my purpose with full vitality.  These are the benefit of a spiritual practice that I wish for you.



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