$25 – Meditation by phone – I will lead you through an ancient Tibetan Meditation which you can record for further use

“Elaine, thank you for today’s session, I spent the drive home feeling almost drunk. I was so much more relaxed than last week. In today’s session you asked me why I was feeling optimistic about you being able to help. I was feeling optimistic from the initial comfort and safety and from everything I gleaned from your sites and writings. Today’s session made that feeling of optimism really settle in. This confirmation was due to finally feeling understood and able to discuss sex and sexuality openly. Your non judgmental style of dialogue, knowing I have nothing to prove to you and your candor are exactly what I need. I am experiencing joy about the prospect of resolution for the first time in a while.”


“My time with you today is something I will hold dear. I came to you with anxiety and a lack of confidence in myself, but your willingness to share your kindness and heart with me helped tap into something I hadn’t cared for in years. The bath and massage were absolutely wonderful, indeed, but that you took the time to set a framework for me, giving me some guidance on the purpose of tantra, spending the time you could tell I needed just talking and helping me not only settle in, but find some understanding – to me, this let me know that I would be cared for and helped me try to open myselfto your intentions. Thank you for giving this time to people like me”..


“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”
Jim Rohn 


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