“Your guidance is making my wife and I enjoying each other in the best possible way. Life at home is great. Thanks for your help.” Joe

“Elaine, I have to tell you I took your advise and he actually opened up a little. I think I sparked a little interest for couples classes”. Kim

“You’re very wise.  You know what you’re doing.”  Al
“I think your approach to holistic counseling is by far one of the best and most open and honest avenues for therapy of this sort that I have experienced. I can see this approach being far more successful that traditional therapy for these types of complicated issues. It was refreshing to hear real honesty and open mindedness and an understanding that not everything needs to be ‘solved’.”
Elaine 🙂 My God, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off me ! To be able to discuss these issues with you was such a relief. I admit that doing so was like a roller coaster ride though. At first I almost couldn’t disclose what I needed to to a stranger but you made it ok 🙂 The rainbow analogy-”visiting” then coming back, made it so clear ! I’m not sure how this will go now here but you certainly make it seem ok for us. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you next week.”~Rick”
“It was nice to be able to talk with someone who was empathetic and understanding. A lot of things I told Elaine were things I had never told anyone else or shared with anyone. I think keeping those locked up takes it toll and it was nice to be able to just unburden myself or tell someone and just have someone who understands and listens and wants to help. So just to be able to open up like that was very helpful.I also think it was especially helpful to be able to tell those things to a woman and to be able to get feedback from a feminine perspective and from someone who understands what women feel and want. It was different than if I was telling it to a male psychologist for example. Just being with Elaine and talking to a woman, and yes an attractive woman, was helpful (hope that wasn’t too forward).The suggestions about being more in touch with yourself were also very helpful. About knowing your own body and feeling comfortable with it before you can know someone else’s body. I think that’s also true.

I could write more but I don’t want to write a whole novel or anything. but just wanted to share some thoughts with you and thank you again, I really appreciate this and it was everything I was expecting/hoping for and more. Thanks again and I look forward to the next one.” ~Josh

“I am a thirty something white male who was in the military and served in Iraq for approximately one year. I am college educated and have an advanced degree. I however started suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and gradually lost the ability to be control of my life, I lost the ability to control my responses to stimulus wether positive or negative. I was a stranger living inside of myself. I truly was in fear of what I might do at any given time. I sought help due to not being able to work or interact with people without a bizarre unnatural paranoia and the inability to control my aggression. It would occur at a moments notice I would go from calm to enraged at something that I perceived as a threat that was nothing out of normal daily personal interaction with people. I also lost the ability to love myself as well as other people in my life. I felt scared and extremely alone even when I was with other people. I lost the ability to feel safe and became disinterested in the things that I once enjoyed I was loosing my will to live. I became an emotionless empty vessel that did not feel any emotions I was pretending to be human and was not doing a very good job of it. I did not want to be close to another human and especially did not want to have any physical contact. I lost intimacy with myself and the rest of the world. I was making bad choices in my life physically, mentally, and financially. I eventually wound up getting help with medication and seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. However, traditional help with medication and counseling was not totally working for me. I was still having explosive anger outbursts and was afraid of getting arrested. I sought out an alternative but just effective means of treatment which lead me to Elaine. So far I am able to finally relax and find a calm center of being. I am learning how to relax, in situations that used to cause me distress, and love and respect myself and having a healing of mind, body, and soul. Thank you Elaine for helping me get my life back and reclaim the sanity of balanced total being.”

“I’ve known Elaine for a number of years now, and she’s proven to have be a deep influence in my life. She’s coached me through difficult relationships, good relationships, soothing touch.  Her warmth and intensity have made visits to her both invigorating and very relaxing. In her clean and sensual apartment I always felt very welcomed and at ease. I easily shared intimate details of my life, and felt very safe doing so. I found her company stimulating and her interests and advise diverse. Her sessions are not rushed and she was completely focused on my concerns. Friend, coach, teacher, and healer – one of a kind woman and experience.” ~Paul

“Our discussion was incredible. You made me value the concept of time on an entirely new level and I wanted to thank you for that. That is one of the many things that I will continue to work on. I really didn’t realize how good “we” have it. Taking for granted living space, eating, things of that nature. You without question impacted me powerfully with that message. The discussion then turned into some relaxation/breathing techniques. In short, you took me to new levels with your techniques. Focusing on little things like breathing if done properly provide amazing benefits. I’m actually typing and practicing now! I feel great, almost like my lungs can take in more air while at the same time feeling very focused and relaxed.~Sean

“I had an incredible experience and look froward to my next visit.  Today’s session left me with very positive feelings and also very high energy levels.
Thanks again” ~Joe

“Dearest Elaine,
Thank You so much for the outstanding session the other day.
I feel completely rejuvenated and my thoughts are much more targeted towards goodness and I enjoy much less stress.
The session was extremely beneficial and I particularly enjoyed the cleansing of my mind and spirit!
Thank You Again” ~Kevin

Last night was a very good experience. Thank You for the care giving and for the meditation. I feel sometimes when an outside voice is helping to visualize it makes the experience a little more intense. Please remember the supplements list that you had suggested and that I remind you to send me. I will go over it and try.
Thank You again” ~Mike

“I had a recent session with Elaine. A very intuitive and gifted healer she very quickly got to the root of my problem and began clearing those cobwebs in my mind which were interfering with me being at my full potential. It’s remarkable how much of a healing process it is to be in the company of a compassionate genuine woman. My confidence (and other things) are back in full force. Elaine did something truly unique.

After Elaine’s healing session I am different. I must be projecting something really positive because the response I am getting from women is really fantastic.  Thank you Elaine!”



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