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The miracle of self-healing occurs when the inner patient yields to the inner physician.

-Vernon Howard

What is MDH?

Multi-dimensional Healing (MDH) is my therapeutic approach to increasing vitality and well-being.   It recognizes that there are four components to the health of an individual.   Each component, or Body of Awareness, must be nourished in order to function as a fully integrated person.  The four bodies include: the Mental/Mind Body, the Emotional Body, the Physical Body, and the Energetic/Spiritual Body.

The Mental/Mind Body is focused on our thoughts.  It is explored in order to gain clarity in thinking and decision making.   When we are faced with the perplexities of life we naturally attempt to make sense of them.   Some issues can be so vexing that we find ourselves “spinning our wheels” trying in vain to figure them out.   Sometimes, the more we try the less we understand.   Many times our thoughts alone cannot sort through complex issues.  

This body benefits from talking to someone who is trusted and informed; someone who provides a sense of safety.

The Emotional Body, is focused on feelings.     It is important to really feel the confusion and angst which often result from personal problems.   However, can men identify and feel these emotions if they were socialized to deny their feelings?     How can women accept feelings of anger when her socialization shunned this emotion.  It’s rare for anger to be expressed appropriately when there is no learned skill set.  A living organism cannot move forward when its energy is taken up with holding on to something distressing.  Emotions must first be recognized and then processed or the past will rule the present and the future states of being.

This body benefits from movement such as walking, non-violent communication which is based upon the identification of feelings, and talk therapy.

The Physical Body – We often see this body as a machine whose purpose is to be available at all times.  This body often does not receive the proper care that it needs for optimal performance. When it needs rest we often overlook that it and keep pushing.  In our culture we are encouraged to keep going. We are taught to be productive when the real value of balance is to learn how to relax during our down time.  An afternoon nap shouldn’t be a crisis involving guilt.  After a challenging work week our weekends are spent consuming alcohol and seeking out taxing entertainment events.  Getting outdoors and movement serve this body.  Sitting by the computer draws its energy.  The foods chosen may be ones which lack significant nutrition.  Our society does not make a sufficient effort to make the connections between food and mental, emotional, and physical health.  This awareness would have huge implications of the food industry which makes it profits by filling foods with low grade nutrition.  Poor maintenance can also cause us to function either in over-drive, or in a state of constant fatigue.  Insomnia is a common result or our sleep may not be restorative.

After physical causes, such as depression, hypertension, and diabetes are ruled out, it is not uncommon for sexual problems to show up in this body.  Western science advocates using medication for Erectile Dysfunction.  Holistically, ED is usually a symptom of  discord within and among the various bodies. 

This body benefits from life-style changes.

The Energy/Spiritual Bodyis comprised of energy centers, know as chakras, and meridians. It is the foundation for Eastern Sciences including reiki, acupuncture, and other energy healing modalities.   According to Stanford Professor, Dr. William Tiller, a person can direct the flow of subtle energy through intention. Subtle energy flows downward from the cosmos, and is known as life force energy. Tillert’s studies show that this electric and magnetic electrical signals that have observable effects.  The health of this body is a crucial marker for a person’s overall state of being. In the book, Healing with Form, Energy and Light the author  Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche states: “This body responds positively to a connection with something sacred, of greater value and meaning than our difficult circumstances- depression, anxiety, self-hatred, or disappointment. “

 It is negatively influenced by conflicts.  In order to benefit from this powerful life force energy all conflicts must be recognized, examined and reconciled, or at the very least, managed.  The energetic body combines the science of physics with higher levels of consciousness which is often termed spirituality.  

This body benefits from a spiritual practice such as meditation, breathwork, and the expression of gratitude to one’s self and to others.


*Healing with Form, Energy and Light, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche



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