Integration of Sexual Energy



When sexual energy takes the form of sustained pleasure, as opposed to arousal, it is possible to send this energy up to the heart energy center and ignite the frequency of love. This helps an individual to realize that their body is not an object. It also helps to ease the anxieties of this fundamental conflict.
This is one of the basic tenets of the science of tantra. This is a practice for the integration of a human being. A tantra session and/or classes are great ways to spend time reconnecting with either yourself or your beloved. It can also have positive outcomes for a struggling couple looking for ways to connect.
The holistic community has been particularly uncomfortable with any topic that relates to sexuality and arousal. Many energy practitioners have not reconciled their sexual conflicts. Many are still carrying the shame that has been planted in women’s psyche for generations.  This is not an issue that is exclusive to women. Men have been taught these messages and respond to them in seemingly rational ways. Society mandates that women are not sexual equals. Men are taught to see them as objects.
Singles and couples are longing  for a vehicle to establish and maintain loving connections.  As an authentic Tibetan Tantra Practioner I am honored to serve in this way.

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