Q. Will anyone know I’ve contacted you?
All correspondence in any format- phone calls, emails, texts, voicemails, and visits is considered privileged communication and therefore kept strictly confidential.

Q. I have a concern that is not on your site and I’m not sure if I should contact you.
I have listed a wide array of topics for discussion. It is not an all inclusive one. If your concern is related to personal development, especially how it relates to accepting yourself, I can help you.

Q. How do I go about setting up a session?
You may contact me by phone,email, or by filling out the contact form on this site. You may also use the calendar by clicking on the “Schedule A Complimentary Session” on the Home Page.

Q. What is covered in the Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Consultation?
This is an opportunity for you to briefly tell me about your concern and ask any further questions.  It is also a way to begin to decide whether to proceed.

Q. My work schedule makes it difficult for me to plan ahead of time. How can I set something up?
Although I usually have each day planned out ahead of time there are days when I do have some flexibility. You can always try calling to see whether I can see you on that day.

Q. I don’t live in the area, but would like to have a session.
A. I highly suggest having a Phone Session. These sessions can be as productive as a visit.

Q. What is a Skype like?
Skype sessions are the same as phone sessions except we have the opportunity see each others faces during our conversation. You are appropriately dressed as if you were visiting in person.

Q. Do you see couples?
My service is very useful for men and women as well as couples. However, I do not see couples for counseling purposes. I do offer Tantra Sessions for Couples – please see Events page.

Q. What do you do during a Couples Session?
My role is to facilitate your interaction with your partner. I will guide each of you, sometimes using toys & educational dvds to demonstrate various erotic massages techniques. The focus is you and your partner. I serve as a guiding presence, but not an inter-active one.

Q. Can you be more specific about what types of things you do?

Active listening to your concerns and providing insights to performance anxiety and sexual dysfunctions arising from various situations including porn addiction, a lack of connection to yourself and subsequently others
Sex enlightenment- exploring what you’ve learned from society vs. real information about the continuum of sex and helping you to challenge any religious or other beliefs which may be causing you shame or other confusion about your sexual repression
Awareness of conflicts which arise in most relationships and the underlying scientific proof supporting them
Compulsive acting out via escorts and massages (which include genital massages)
Body image concerns and how they undermine self-acceptance
Sexual identity concerns and apprehensions
Foster an integration of your mind, body, and spirit with visualization techniques and guided meditations
Provide an understanding of alternative/energetic healing
Energetic healing as well as practical suggestions for ED & PE
Porn addiction education and support for stopping
Formulate a plan for building strong personal foundation thereby gaining the necessary authenticity and inner strength to move forward both personally & professionally.


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