STD Alert: No Cure For Gonorrhea

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Prostate Massage

This post is for informational purposes. Elaine does not perform prostate massages. The websites below provide information on the benefits of prostate massage, toys that can be used, either alone or Read more [...]

Health experts: Routine PSA tests for prostate cancer not good for health

(CBS News) A top panel of health experts called the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says that men should no longer get routine prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests to screen for prostate cancer. The Read more [...]

Think Twice Before Taking Hair Replacement Drugs MED researcher: battling baldness can cause sexual dysfunction

Who says it’s a man’s world? A paper principally authored by a BU researcher says that men who use certain drugs to battle baldness or reduce enlarged prostates may torpedo their sex lives in the bargain. The Read more [...]

Work With Your Partner’s Energetic Flow

Extatica Love Tips: How to Connect More Deeply with Yourself, Your Lover and the Divine Work With Your Partner's Energetic Flow Remember the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would want others Read more [...]

How to Squash Negative Thought Patterns

Email Suppose you have the bad habit of dwelling too much on the same negative thoughts. And suppose there’s no outward physical manifestation associated to them. It’s just negative thinking, like Read more [...]

Nutrition Supplement for Increasing Libido in Men

In conjunction with my holistic approach to healing, I am going to be carrying this supplement. I have used Nature's Sunshine Products and trust that they are well-researched. X-Action Reloaded (Men's) Read more [...]

Change Your Negative Thinking-Step by Step Approach

Part of my upbringing (in an unhealthy environment) was to learn the "art" of helplessness. I began to realize that I had the power to change my behavior by changing the way I was thinking. The term applied Read more [...]

Body Awareness

Your body has an inner wisdom and when you learn to connect with it you connect with other living things. How do you cultivate this relationship with your body? A good place to start is with your senses. Read more [...]

The Ecstatic Embrace

The Ecstatic Embrace “At the heart of our humanity is a deep desire to feel connection: to ourselves, to others, to our lives and the world around us. The Ecstatic Embrace is a meditative hugging Read more [...]


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