Body Awareness

Your body has an inner wisdom and when you learn to connect with it you connect with other living things. How do you cultivate this relationship with your body? A good place to start is with your senses. As physical beings this is the way we are designed relate to our environment.

Do you enjoy warm showers? Why not take a moment and relish the warm water running over your body. Notice how it warms you from your external body into your very core. What a blessing to feel this pleasure!

What about seeing a beautiful landscape created by miraculous sight of cloud formations. You have the opportunity to take advantage of this beauty and really see this miracle. Then, notice how your body responds to this site. Do your shoulder relax just a bit? Do you take a deeper breath?

These are just two of the myriad of opportunities to cultivate body awareness. Other examples are feeling the texture of fabrics- sheets, clothes, towels, etc. against your skin. The scent of grass after rain; the feel of the earth beneath your feet as you take a walk ; the feelings that result when you give someone an unrushed embrace; the refreshing taste of a piece of fruit and how it slides down your throat. When you enjoy the simple sensuous pleasures of daily life, you are cultivating a respect for yourself. You are expanding your capacity to love others. You will begin to increase your vitality in a way that exercise alone cannot accomplish. You will feel lighter and you will give off this lightness, thus attracting positive companionship. Love-making will begin to include an entirely new component-one that is not based on performance.

My holistic approach to wellness, as outlined in my Multi-dimensional Healling Program – MDH- will help you to develop this form of self-love. With this appreciation of your body you can appreciate the gifts that you have to offer to someone else. As an expanded, whole person, you will be ready to receive as well.

Why wait any longer to really living your life? I know it’s a cliché, but why not give yourself the precious gift that can only aid you in your journey through this physical dimension.

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