Why Is It So Hard to Ask for Help?

Time and again, people share with me the difficulties they have in asking for help. When I hear this, I’m grateful they found their way to my office, because their first phone call to me was an example Read more [...]

Women and Initiating Sex or Not?

This Wall Street Journal depicts how our cultural and religious teachings leave many women from initiating sex even though they want it. (see post on Good Girl vs Bad Girl)   http://www.wsj.com/articles/women-are-more-interested-in-sex-than-you-think-studies-show-1464626176     Read more [...]

The basis of Tantra

"Tantra is not about the sacredness of sex, but about the sacredness of everything, including sex." -Rashmi Tantra So, maybe you're intrigued by the idea of Tantra, but feel a bit overwhelmed or Read more [...]

What Really Causes Sexual Problems?

Many problems related to sexual gratification come about because of unresolved emotions related to past events in life. In order to uncover what is causing performance issues it is Read more [...]

Getting Right with Sex – discover how to unleash your life force

  Perhaps you’ve never made the connection between sexuality and spirituality.  Or, maybe you never realized that when you achieve clarity about sexuality you become more confident.  Isn’t Read more [...]

Porn Induced ED and other related information on Internet Porn Addiction

    The correlation between shame and porn is now a mental health issue: "While the dangers behind high porn exposure are real, Patrick said another danger can be lurking in the Read more [...]

The Three Types of Relationships

Visualizing a pyramid from an ascending viewpoint helps to explain the three types of relationships.  At the bottom of the pyramid is a relationship that is based on a sense of neediness.  People Read more [...]

The Clitoris Is Such A Mystery

    The clitoris is a very complex organ with four distinct components.   They include the glans, the hood covering the glans (it retracts during arousal in the same way as foreskin Read more [...]

Tantric Sex

Tantric Sex is often described as Sacred Sex because it retains the ancient sanctity of the union between a man and a woman. Even though it is touted as a spiritual practice it is also an energetic one. Read more [...]

The Sexual Misery of the Arab World

ORAN, Algeria — AFTER Tahrir came Cologne. After the square came sex. The Arab revolutions of 2011 aroused enthusiasm at first, but passions have since waned. Those movements have come to look imperfect, Read more [...]


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