About the Therapist

Elaine Miles, M.Ed

Elaine MilesI was born in 1960 in Philadelphia PA.   I was raised Catholic which left me with deep-seated conflicts about sexual expression. I resolved these conflicts and celebrated my sexuality by becoming a professional Belly-dancer. I’ve made many difficult choices which were necessary in order for me to be authentic. I understand that every individual, in order to obtain a meaning life, must make difficult choices & changes as well.

I have extensive experience with counseling individuals on many sexual concerns. As a Certified Life-Strategies Coach, a change agent,  I assist people in moving forward in a specific area of their life.  However, my focus is sexuality.  It is one of the most important aspect of our being.  Unless we tease apart our thoughts about this very important life force we will not have a good sense of clarity.  I help with delving into these mysteries and abstract realms with unique insights and perspectives. My wisdom has been gain from many areas of my life.  I have faced many tragedies and I have also rejoiced with sexual adventures.   Former careers in Teaching, Medical Information Analysis, and Corporate Training contribute to my professionalism.

I have been practicing tantra since 2010. I have attended numerous workshops and personal studies even up until my most recent Tibetan Tantra coursework at the school Authentic Tantra.  This lineage of tantra emphasizes sexual and non-sexual concepts including the basic premise of authentic tantra – the desire and pleasure to serve others through loving kindness and compassion.  It teaches that love is not a feeling.  It is an action.  The sacredness of the body is a main emphasis since self-love is at the origin of giving to others.  The focus is mainly on pleasure, as opposed to arousal.   Tantra combines spirituality with physics and so knowledge of the Energetic Body is crucial. I have a very good grasp on this science which continues to be ground-breaking.  I offer tantra classes and you can refer to my blog for this information.

My Master’s Degree in Training & Organizational Development is from St. Joseph’s University.  I earned my undergraduate degree in Health Education at Gwynedd-Mercy College.  I completed Spencer Institute’s program for Critical Strategies Life Coaching program and earned my certification.

It takes courage to talk about very private and often embarrassing concerns. I understand that. However, carrying around emotional burdens only gives them more power. This powerful energy can manifest itself in self-destructive behaviors – isolating oneself, putting up walls in a relationship, and obsessive thinking with the possibility of acting out in a potentially dangerous way.  With my compassionate and open-minded support, burdens can finally be resolved and relieved.  The tremendous energy which was spent on carrying them will be now be available to use towards your true desire thus becoming your authentic self.

That is what I wish for you.



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