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    Your privacy is very important. All forms of communication in any format- phone calls, emails, texts, voice mails, & visits are considered privileged information under the law cannot be shared without your permission.

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I’m here to listen to your sexual concerns with an open mind. We often get stuck in our personal lives because of sexual issues or relationship concerns. It can be extremely helpful to talk to someone and receive insights and suggestions on these private matters. There's much more information about me on this site and I encourage you to take a look. As you can see from the reviews I have made some significant impact on the lives of many people and would like to help you as well.

As a Certified Life Strategies Coach I can assist you in overcoming obstacles in general so that you may meet goals and move forward.

"We become so busy trying to prove that we are O.K., we forget that we are magnificent." – Gay Hendricks  

What is Life Coaching?

  • Personalized sexuality information and education
  • Redirective cognitive processes and mental reframing
  • Emotional balancing
  • Intuitive guidance
  • Behavioral changing
  • Resources and referrals

My Responsibilities:

  • To keep confidential anything you share with me
  • To guide, direct, and protect you from harm
  • To empower you to attain the dreams you desire
  • To empower you to overcome any sexual difficulties you may have or fear you may have
  • To help you reach your sexual/relationship goals and together find results that satisfy you

Your Responsibilities:

  • To keep your appointments
  • To provide a comprehensinve history on sexual relationships
  • To be authentic & share your truth with me
  • To complete the basic "Follow-Up" tasks

Reasons to Visit

  • You associate sex with shame
  • You have a sexual concern: Low or no sexual desire, Early ejaculation, ED, Delayed ejaculation, Sexual inhibition, Body image issues
  • You would like insight into female arousal
  • You may be addicted to pornography
  • You may be addicted to sex
  • You'd like guidance with dating
  • You want to make changes in a relationship
  • You have a fantasy you would like to talk about
  • You are going outside of a relationship for satisfaction
  • You are concerned about the frequency & the effects of watching porn
  • You want to know more about the erotic flow of energy in men and women
  • You are a bi-curious heterosexual
  • You feel guilty about your desires
  • You are curious about the use of sex toys and how they can add to a more intense sexual experience
  • You are curious about tantra
  • You are curious about role play

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